Gala Night

Last Saturday, we had our annual gala night! Not only are we very excited for the turn out and the activity itself, but we are also very proud of our staff for working hard to make the event possible.

The evening started at 6 o’clock with prayer brought to us by Rosario. Jose and Norita Fares led the event throughout the night. After opening with prayer, there was a time of worship with the band from new life Church. After that, there was a raffle led by Ms. Deborah where a few of the guests could win a prize!

Then, we had Pastor Juan Carlos from Santiago give the message. He talked about how young people, including our students, need to seek the Lord and share with others. They will help future generations to learn about and grow with God. It was a blessing to hear!

Following another raffle with Ms. Nidia, we had Carlos speak about the story of Love Guatemala. It is always fun to hear how Love Guatemala came to be and how God provided! 

After another raffle with Ms. Maylin, Katy spoke about the mission and vision of Love Guatemala. We love to see how the mission and vision continue to be accomplished each day!

The dinner was served by our cooking students and the rest of the staff assisted. Everyone loved the food! 

Afterwards, Mr. Sergio gave the final word and goodbye to all the guests. In all, we had around four hundred guests come to the event! We feel very blessed to have been able to host the Gala Night again this year!