Denilson’s Testimony

This past Saturday, we had a very exciting moment. In the student devotional, one of the student’s accepted Christ! We are so excited when we can witness this and are so excited for this student’s future following God. He told us a little bit about his life and testimony and why he chose to make this important decision in his life. He shared:


My name is Denilson Andres. I am 21 years old.I study in the literacy program. I am learning to read and write. Even though it is hard for me, I know one day I will accomplish it because I have the desire to better myself.

When I was younger, I started to look for love and acceptance in friends, and I ended up destroying my life. I started to use drugs and even to the point of not going home for days. My mom looked for me and would cry because she couldn’t find me. I would ask my mom why she would want an illiterate son that wasn’t good for anything. That is something I would hear a lot from other people and even sometimes now. It was all very difficult for me.

The financial and health problems that my family has faced hasn’t helped either. I work in a field and it has been difficult because I have a hernia. I work because my sister is in a wheelchair and I need to help my family economically. I want to be a help to my family.

As far as my relationship with God goes, I have not had a great relationship with Him before. Saturday, in school they asked if anyone would like a Bible. I felt a knot in my throat, but I felt happy. I felt like someone was giving me a hug and I felt a great peace inside me. Someone told me that Christ loved me. In that moment, I started to feel that I needed God in my heart. So in that moment I raised my hand and asked for my Bible. It has been difficult in the past for and I felt that it was hard  for me to do good, but now I have the desire to have a relationship with God. I know I can have a good relationship with Him and with his help I am able to do big things. My mom said that even if it is when she is 60 years old, she wants to see my graduate and I will do it. But now, my most important goal I have in my life is to have God in my heart.