Author: Naomi Lopez

  • Finishing Up Classes

    Recently, our students finished out classes for the year! We are very proud of all of the students who persevered even when classes were difficult and challenging. As you may know, the school year in Guatemala is a little bit different than the school year in the United States. Classes here begin in January and […]

  • 1st Year English Exams

    This past week, our English students had a presentation exam. These exams are always an exciting thing to see. They show the work that the students have been putting in to their studies and how far they have come in the year they have been learning English. These specific students are from the first year […]

  • Our Teachers’ Dedication

    Our Teachers’ Dedication

    One of the reasons Love Guatemala continues to grow is that we have wonderful teachers! Each teacher here is very dedicated to their classrooms and their students. They not only give classes, but they also teach the word of God and pray for their students. Each week as we gather together for our staff devotionals […]