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Board Visit and Celebration

This past week we have had the privilege of having some of our board members here with us! It has been great to have Kim, Jainie, and Amy here to see all the new things happening in Love Guatemala.

In the morning on Friday, we all had a staff meeting and presented our plans for this school year. It was wonderful to hear all of the plans, exciting events, and growing numbers of our school. We felt very happy to be able to share those ideas in person with the board. Then in the afternoon, they were able to go to do some visits. It was such a great and meaningful time.


On Sunday, we celebrated the second anniversary of New Life Church as well as the completion of the dome on the new land. Kim cut the ribbon to make it official and we all praised God for how faithful he has been, not only with this project, but in everything.

Today, Jainie helped Kim teach an art class. The students loved the painting of an owl and did a great job! The students always love learning new techniques that they will be able to use in the future.

We are so grateful for them making the trip out and also being here for such a special moment when we celebrated the new area we have been blessed with!

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