Women’s Christmas Workshop 

This past week we hosted a women’s workshop at Love Guatemala. Each day the ladies learned something new and had a time of devotionals together.

The first day the women were taught how to make Christmas wreaths to decorate their homes. It was so amazing seeing the creativity of each person as they brought their idea to life!

The second day they learned how to make Christmas cookies. They learned each step of the process including making the dough, cutting out each shape, baking the dough, and decorating them with homemade icing. They turned out great!

The third day, the ladies learned how to make a custard dessert and a jello dessert. They were able to customize them with the type of jelly and fruit to add.

The last day they learned a recipe to make for Christmas dinner. It was stuffed pork with a side of vegetables. They could make the pork stuffed with mozzarella and spinach or ham and cheese. The recipe turned out so tasty and everybody was able to bring home what they cooked.

The devotions were very encouraging each day. The first two days focused on not trying to be perfect, but knowing that God made each one of us exactly the way he planned. The second half of the workshop focused on God’s plan for us and that he has everything under control.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to host the ladies at Love Guatemala and teach them not only new skills, but more importantly about the Gospel!