Want to go to Guatemala? Here’s how and other ways to be involved

For the last couple of years we have sent teams to Guatemala about twice per year. We are going to be shifting this a bit for 2012. Our goal is to send 5 teams of 5 in 2012. Here are some of the reasons why we wanted to make this shift:

– It gives us more opportunities to send people. A lot of people couldn’t go because of school or work in January or August when we were sending teams in the past.

– It allows us to use Carlos and Telma’s home for our teams which will help us further develop those relationships.

– It allows us to be there more frequently which will further help our ministry there.

Here are the months we are sending teams in 2012. The actual dates are a bit flexible which is also another benefit of shifting the way we send our teams:

Como Recuperar A Tu Mujer -volver Con Ella- Altas Ventas Y Comisiones

e=”padding-left: 30px;”>- January / March / May / August / October

If you have any interest at all in going please contact Pastor Ben at ben@indymetro.org
If you want to go on the January trip you need to have your application turned in by November 15th.

Maybe you want to be involved in our Guatemala ministry but don’t want to go there, here some other ways to be involved:

Guatemala Art Show – Friday December 2nd 6-9 p.m. at The Atheneum (401 E Michigan) – Come out and support it and buy some of the kids art from Guatemala that we will be selling or volunteer to help at it.

Pray – We are developing a prayer team to be devoted to praying for the ongoing ministry in Magdalena.

Give – Maybe you can’t go or be

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involved in other ways but you want to give to support someone else going or support one of the kids in the art school or support the smokeless oven project. Click here to do so or designate on your regular giving at Indy Metro Church.

Como Recuperar A Tu Mujer -volver Con Ella- Altas Ventas Y Comisiones