Sustainable Stoves Project

One of the accepted health risks for Guatemalans is open flame cooking inside their homes. The open flames fill the homes with smoke and cause major pulmonary health issues for children. We're researching a simple, inexpensive stove which will prevent major health risks to these families, and

1k Per Day Formula: $250 Payouts

we want to give these to every home in Magdalena and beyond. Our commitment to these people we've grown to love is to search out and provide sustainable, cost-effective solutions so they can live safer, healthier lives!

Together can we provide the education and simple technology to rid all the homes in Magdalena of these problems? This is our hope. This is our dream.

Will you consider making a donation to support our Love Guatemala partnership? Are you a business owner who'd like to partner together with us? We'd love to hear from you! Contact: