Staff Devotions

Among other things, one thing that we have tried to keep consistent has been our weekly staff devotionals. This has been something that we as a staff have been doing long before the pandemic had started. So as the stress and panic that occurred when everything was first locked down, we wanted to make sure that we continued to pray and read God’s word together.

For a long while, we had to have those meetings over Zoom. It wasn’t always our favorite way of seeing each other, but it was the safest. Then after a long awaited ease in the number of cases, we were able to come together as a staff in Love Guatemala again. We wore masks, of course, but it was wonderful to see each other in person again.

Each week we start out with a time of worship. We sing together and then a devotional is given to us by one of our staff members. After our devotions, we take time to pray together. Prayer requests are taken and written down so we can be praying throughout the week and volunteers pray over the staff, students, and requests that were made.

We are blessed to be able to gather together.