Our Teachers’ Dedication

One of the reasons Love Guatemala continues to grow is that we have wonderful teachers! Each teacher here is very dedicated to their classrooms and their students. They not only give classes, but they also teach the word of God and pray for their students. Each week as we gather together for our staff devotionals and prayer time, at least one of the teachers has a prayer request for one or more of their students. They want them to succeed in their education, but also in every aspect of their lives.

Each month, the teachers gather together to share how their classes have been going and how their students are doing. They talk about what activities they have been doing along with how their fellow teachers can be praying for them and their classes.

Our teachers help Love Guatemala to grow because they work hard to help their students in their education, as well as help them to grow in their faith. Their students trust them because they know how much they care. We are very proud of each and every one of them. Please join us in praying for our excellent teachers!