New Staff and Student Projects


This past week our teachers and staff had a meeting to talk about all of the programs starting here at Love Guatemala. We have several new programs that are for our staff and students. 

One of the things we are starting is discipleship with our staff and students. Our staff began their first discipleship this past Saturday at 6 AM. We are proud of their devotion to growing in their relationships with the Lord and are excited to see how this will impact their lives and work. 

The students are also beginning their discipleship in their classes soon! 

Another program that is starting is our business seminar that is given to our soon-to-graduate students. This gives them techniques to use what they have learned in their classes to succeed in what they do afterward; finding a job, owning their own business, etc. The students are always excited about what they learn during their seminars.

Lastly, some of the students are doing a study called “The Transformation is in Me” by John Maxwell. It focuses on building up leaders and helping them to transform their lives.

We are looking forward to hearing all the good things that these programs will bring for our staff and students! Please be praying for God to work in the hearts of each person who is a part of it.