Magdalena, Guatemala-Day 1 !! 🙂

Hola amigos!! Wow, it's hard to believe I've been here for a full day now! Pastor Ben and I arrived here to Magdalena, Guatemala yesterday late afternoon. Ben will be staying here with me until Monday. We were greeted at the airport by one of the families that are a part of DeepStream (one of the missionary families here). Their names are Mark and Gina, and they're very helpful! It was about an hour or so drive to get to Carlos and Thelma's home. When we walked in, Carlos and Thelma were full of smiles and very welcoming. Their home is absolutely gorgeous! There is a beautiful garden right when you walk in, and then art and color all throughout the house. Looking from the outside, you definitely would not expect what you find on the inside. Carlos gave us a tour of the house and we got to talk with him and Thelma for a bit before they told us we could go rest (they knew we were exhausted from the plane ride) and then we had dinner around 7….and yes, the food is very good 🙂 Carlos and Thelma are so nice and they make me feel right at home. Even though I just met them, I feel as though I have known them for a long time. I couldn't be any happier about staying with them and the 5 weeks I will have to get to know them.  There are several young people from the U.S. staying here in Magdelana as part of differe

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nt Christian groups. It is really cool to see so many people coming to serve here. There is one girl, Brittany from Illinois, who has been here and will be here for another 2 years at least. She is part of a program called Students International. She is  fluent in spanish, so it is very helpful to have her around to make up for the spanish that I can't understand. I will be rooming with her, and I'm excited to get to know her as well.

Today, Carlos took us around Magdalena and showed us around. We also got to work in the art school today…los ninos son preciousos! The kids are adorable! They seemed very excited to be there and we were so excited to meet the kids and be a part of it today. Carlos also took us by his pastor's house….wow, he was amazing and has such a heart for the Lord. He gave us his testimony of how the church got started and how God has used him here in Guatemala.  We finished our work at the Art School at 5, and then a couple of us went for a run and played some soccer (el futbol) with  kids who live in town. The people here are friendly and almost always speak.  It feels good to finally be in Guatemala and to know that God is already beginning to use me here. Please continue to pray for this journey and for the people here in Magdalena. Stay tuned for many more updates!!!  Love you all!