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Macon Georgia Team 2019

This past week we were able to have a team from Macon Georgia here with us. They were able to do many things while they were here and we are so thankful of all their help and support.

They had a morning full of soccer games that the team was able to get in on. They were also able to visit quite a few families in the area. That included some of the families of the children from the feeding center. It was great to see them talk to and pray for the families. It was as much a blessing for the families as it was for them. They had a great time seeing the kids while they volunteered in the feeding center. They were able to play with toys and break a piñata. They loved spending time with all the kids.

Later in the week they were able to build a chicken coop for one of the families in the area. The family was so grateful for that way to gain income. They were also able to paint a mural for one of the walls in Love Guatemala. It showed a beautiful way to share the gospel.

Another awesome thing they got to do was teach in the art and literacy programs. They taught how to make bracelets that show our lives and the gospel using different colored beads!

We couldn’t be more happy with having this team here for that week and we are excited for when they are able to come back again!

Check out more of what the group did on their week here by watching their video here!

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