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  • Our First Team Since Covid

    This past week, we had our first team since Covid! It started out as a joint team of Cindy and Tom from Virginia and Amy (Love Guatemala’s board president) and Amanda from Indiana. A couple of special events happened including a special dinner to honor and pray over Katy as she becomes the new director […]

  • Students’ Rally 2022

    This past week, we were able to have our student rally. It is always a blessing to be able to restart something that we had done before Covid. It used to be some thing that we did every year, but we had to take a break because of Covid. We loved being able to see […]

  • Gala Night 2022

    This past Saturday we had our Gala Night at Love Guatemala. This is the first year since Covid that we are able to host. Our staff worked very hard to prepare for the event. Starting early Friday morning, everyone came to clean and setup.  There was a lot of work to be done because with […]

  • Exam Week

      This past week was exam week for our students. Each year it is a blessing to be able to witness the students take their exams, not only because they are moving quickly through the year, but also to be able to see how much they have learned and grown over the course of the […]

  • Sharing God’s Word Together

    This year, we have been going through the book of John in our staff devotions. It has been enriching to go through each chapter and verse. Often, we pick verses out of chapters in the Bible to focus on for a devotional, but do not take the time to go in depth and focus on […]

  • A Successful Art Class

      On Sunday, Love Guatemala was able to be a part of a very special event. We hosted a free painting class taught by artist Kim Page. Kim has been visiting and supporting Love Guatemala in so many ways for a long time. Coming here touched her heart and she felt God calling her back […]

  • Construction Begins

    This month, we are starting an exciting project at Love Guatemala! As you may have seen, in 2019 we were able to finish the outdoor multipurpose space. It has been such a help to be able to be able to have classes and events in that big open space. We now feel blessed to be […]

  • Join Us for a Free Painting Event!

    Have you been wanting to hear more about Love Guatemala? Have you been wanting to expand your artistic side? Well this month you can get your chance to do both! We are thrilled to offer a free art class given by artist Kim Page on April 24th.  It won’t be just any art class. This […]

  • Our Teachers’ Dedication

    Our Teachers’ Dedication

    One of the reasons Love Guatemala continues to grow is that we have wonderful teachers! Each teacher here is very dedicated to their classrooms and their students. They not only give classes, but they also teach the word of God and pray for their students. Each week as we gather together for our staff devotionals […]

  • Nancy’s Project

    Nancy’s Project

    Right now we have an exciting project going on. One of our graduated students was greatly in need of a house. Nancy and her son had been living in a small house shared with some of her family members. It was not just crowded, but a complicated family situation that made it difficult to raise […]