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  • Our Teachers’ Dedication

    Our Teachers’ Dedication

    One of the reasons Love Guatemala continues to grow is that we have wonderful teachers! Each teacher here is very dedicated to their classrooms and their students. They not only give classes, but they also teach the word of God and pray for their students. Each week as we gather together for our staff devotionals […]

  • Nancy’s Project

    Nancy’s Project

    Right now we have an exciting project going on. One of our graduated students was greatly in need of a house. Nancy and her son had been living in a small house shared with some of her family members. It was not just crowded, but a complicated family situation that made it difficult to raise […]

  • New Staff and Student Projects

    New Staff and Student Projects

      This past week our teachers and staff had a meeting to talk about all of the programs starting here at Love Guatemala. We have several new programs that are for our staff and students.  One of the things we are starting is discipleship with our staff and students. Our staff began their first discipleship […]

  • Meet Our Newest Teacher

    Meet Our Newest Teacher

    With a growing Primary class, it became obvious that we were in need of an additional teacher to give classes. We are very excited that we now have a new member of our staff to teach and share in the vision that we have at Love Guatemala. That vision is to “give hope to Guatemalans […]

  • Making a Difference with School Supplies

    Making a Difference with School Supplies

    This past week, we were able to give out school supplies to the students of Love Guatemala. What a blessing it is to be able to provide the supplies for our students. One of the leading reasons that students in Guatemala are not able to study is that they do not have enough money. Even […]

  • Our Newest Class: Bachillerato

    Our Newest Class: Bachillerato

    Guatemala and the United States have similarities and differences with their education system. Similarly, each education system is separated into three basic sections. In the United States, there is Elementary School, Middle School (or Junior High), and High School. In Guatemala, there is Primaria, Basicos, and Bachillerato. The difference is at what ages these classes […]

  • Saturday Classes and Weekday Promotions

    Saturday Classes and Weekday Promotions

    This week we had our Saturday orientation for our weekend classes. It is a blessing to see how many students have signed up to receive classes! Right now we have 89 students for Saturday classes and 12 for our bachillerato classes on Friday. The classes that are offered on Saturday are, English, Primary, and Basicos. […]

  • Jumping into 2022

    Jumping into 2022

    What an excellent start of the year we have had! We began with our monthly staff seminar on the first Tuesday of January. The topic was “Glorifying the Lord everywhere”. The goal is to glorify God in every moment and wherever we go; through our vision, through our goals, through our passion. It was a […]

  • Christmas Celebration

    Christmas Celebration

    This Christmas we are so thankful we are able to celebrate with our staff! Last year, with the pandemic and strict precautions we were not able to have our annual Christmas party. This year, we were able to get together once again to enjoy a meal and spend time together.    It is a time […]

  • Give the Gift of Hope

    Give the Gift of Hope

    This Christmas season, Give the Gift of Hope! Now through the end of the year we have an exciting giving opportunity. Each dollar that you donate to Love Guatemala will be matched. Your gift will be doubled for double the impact. Our goal is to raise $10,000 which will be matched to make $20,000 to […]