Exam Week

Last week, all of the classrooms were in exams. It was very interesting to see the students concentrated and giving the best of themselves. Some rooms had presentations where each student presented their work according to their creativity. Each classroom is different. That makes them have a variety of activities to perform for the exams.

The first-year cooking students prepared some very good pastries and desserts that were graded not only on the appearance, but also taste. They decided to sell their desserts and the staff did not miss that opportunity. The desserts were both beautiful and tasty!


The elementary students took their exams in math, science and everything else that they are learning. They also work with plastic arts where they had a lot of fun because it was something different, fun, and creative.



The senior English students helped the teachers with the supervision of the freshmen exams. They were observing and supporting their classmates, each one was given responsibilities that were very well done. The younger students gave presentations and also presented plays. They all did a great job!

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