Christmas Celebration

This Christmas we are so thankful we are able to celebrate with our staff! Last year, with the pandemic and strict precautions we were not able to have our annual Christmas party. This year, we were able to get together once again to enjoy a meal and spend time together. 


It is a time to not only celebrate Christmas, but also to thank our staff for the excellent work they have done throughout the year. Each one of our staff members have worked very hard this year to make everything go smoothly with classes and activities and we couldn’t be more grateful!

Another way we were able to celebrate this year has been by making gift baskets for our kids in the feeding center. We wanted to give the families something special for Christmas, so in addition to the bags of food we usually give out each month we were able to give out the baskets with food and special treats. 

Thank you to everyone who has supported and prayed for Love Guatemala this year! Merry Christmas!