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Marielos’s Story

Marielos is one of our star graduating students. She is an example of a student who had a dream and worked her hardest to accomplish it. Marielos started studying English on her own at the age of 10. She became fascinated with the language and decided to pursue it. It began with listening to songs in English and memorizing words and sentences. Her aspiration to learn grew and then she heard about Love Guatemala.

Marielos is set to graduate this year in December. It has been amazing to see how she has grown in her knowledge of the language. She has improved so much and her vocabulary is more than impressive. Her comprehension and drive will take her far. We can’t wait to see where she will go after graduation and we will be praying for her to do great things!


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Staff Devotions

Among other things, one thing that we have tried to keep consistent has been our weekly staff devotionals. This has been something that we as a staff have been doing long before the pandemic had started. So as the stress and panic that occurred when everything was first locked down, we wanted to make sure that we continued to pray and read God’s word together.

For a long while, we had to have those meetings over Zoom. It wasn’t always our favorite way of seeing each other, but it was the safest. Then after a long awaited ease in the number of cases, we were able to come together as a staff in Love Guatemala again. We wore masks, of course, but it was wonderful to see each other in person again.

Each week we start out with a time of worship. We sing together and then a devotional is given to us by one of our staff members. After our devotions, we take time to pray together. Prayer requests are taken and written down so we can be praying throughout the week and volunteers pray over the staff, students, and requests that were made.

We are blessed to be able to gather together.

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Our English Graduates


This year, we do not have as many English graduates as usual, but none the less we are very proud of them. We have two ladies who will be graduating this year and they have been working very hard to improve each day.

When the students start out, they have a very limited knowledge of English. It is a joyous process to be able to witness as the students go from only being able to speak a few words to being able to hold entire conversations.

In addition to having the normal online classes that are usually held, the students have been able to have English practice sessions with a group of international students. Each of them are learning English, but from all over the world. What a gift it is to be able to share with people from all different places!

Their knowledge that has been growing over these past years will not only help them hold normal conversations, but it can help them find new and exciting job opportunities. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for these amazing students. They are sure to go far!

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Presentation Day

One of our favorite activities at Love Guatemala is seeing the graduating students work on their final presentations. Saturday, they presented the first draft of their projects. It is so wonderful to see how they have been working and their plans to continue to improve.

Each presentation was based on a business proposition. Some businesses have already been started in reality and some are dreams for the future. No two businesses were alike and it was amazing to see the uniqueness of each one. We saw everything from a bakery, to flower arranging, to a restaurant.

The judges asked great questions that made each student think. The beauty of these presentations was that the students will now be able to take the feedback and use it to improve. Each piece of constructive criticism will allow them to efficiently prepare for their futures. In doing the work to improve their projects, they will make their dreams of businesses a reality.

More than anything, these projects make us proud of our students because we can see who has worked so hard. The students that put in the hard work will be rewarded with success in their futures and we couldn’t be more grateful to have a front row seat to see it happen.

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Food Bags for the Feeding Center

Putting together bags of food for our kids from the feeding center is always and exciting time. The presence of the kids and their families has been, and always will be, such a gift to us here at Love Guatemala. Of course, things have been different since the pandemic started, but we are blessed that we have the opportunity to give out bags of food to each of the families.

Our prayer has always been that the children and their families would feel as blessed coming here as we do being able to see them each time. Will you pray with us for all the kids and their families? We are praying  that they continue to grow in their faith and that they would all stay healthy.

If you would like to support the work done in the feeding center, you can click here! Thank you!

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A Great Honor

A great honor has been bestowed upon Love Guatemala. This year in Guatemala is the Independence Bicentennial. One way that the occasion was celebrated was an event this last month. Because it was the month of Mother’s Day, Guatemala celebrated women leaders. They chose different institutions to best represent leadership. Out of 150, Love Guatemala was in the top 4! 

The student that we chose to represent us is a single mother of three who turned 100 Quetzales ($13) into a thriving business. Her presentation for the celebration was on economy and entrepreneurship.

We are always amazed and extremely proud of all of our students, and the student who represented us was a wonderful example of perseverance and hard work. We know that she will go far. We also feel incredibly honored to have our school be chosen to represent great leadership.

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Seminars to Success

At Love Guatemala, we don’t want to prepare the students just for the skill they are learning in class, but also how to continually better their future. Each year, the graduating class attends seminars to help them prepare for the future. They are taught skills about leadership, how to conduct yourself during an interview, and how to do well in a business setting.

These are things that help our students not just pass the classes they are in, but also how to put themselves above the rest while searching for the perfect job for them.

It is a gift for us to know that they are being prepared for their futures and that we are sending them out with everything they need to succeed.

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Staff Seminar Day

This week we had our monthly training seminar day. The day not only includes worship, and a devotional, but also time to learn and grow as a staff!

This month, our staff was able to learn about the platform that the Ministry of Education is requiring here. It will help the teachers stay up to date with what is required of them as well as teach their students efficiently. We are very grateful to be able to have seminars like these with our staff, and we are even more grateful at their willingness to always continue learning. 


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Clean Up Day

As we patiently wait for the pandemic to continue winding down and classes to be able to be held in person, we are always looking for ways to improve Love Guatemala.

One of the ways was a cleaning day! Last week some of our staff spent the day cleaning up the area around the newest addition to Love Guatemala. They moved dirt to make parking in the spot around the multipurpose area easier, as well as cleaned up any weeds to make it look nicer. 

Cleaning up will make it look better not only now, when church is held there each Sunday, but also when classes are allowed to resume in person. We are very grateful for the provisions that came in to build that space, and we want it continue looking as beautiful as it is useful!

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Stories that Inspire. #2


Meet Yovana. Yovana is a part of our English school. In Guatemala, knowing a second language, especially English, can set you apart from the rest. In a time where jobs are scarce and families desperately need income, a good job is a precious thing to come by. Magdalena is very close to Antigua, a hot spot for tourists from all over the world to come and visit. There are many opportunities for work there, and that is especially true if you know English. Studying a second  language takes courage because it is such a challenging experience, but with perseverance, it can open up a whole new world.

Yovana decided to take advantage of the opportunity to learn English in Love Guatemala. She has many dreams for her future and one of them is to be able to use English not just to help in her own life, but also by assisting others through translating. She also wants English to be just the first step. From there, she hopes to continue on to learn more languages. It is a blessing for us to have students who have a hunger for knowledge and who are willing to work hard to better their lives and the lives of others.



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