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Helping the Community in Times of Crisis

With everything going on around the world, Love Guatemala and New Life Church has been looking for ways to help the community.

It can be challenging because everyone in Guatemala is beginning quarantined. On Thursday, some of Love Guatemala staff and members of the church were able to put together bags of food for people in the community who are in need. There are many families with elderly that shouldn’t go out, or people that with lack of work, will not have money to buy food. We feel very blessed to have been able to deliver food to 25 families. 

In delivering food, it was an awesome chance to also give hope to those families. In this time, we want to continually remind people that God is in control and we shouldn’t be afraid. It was such a great opportunity to remind families of that and pray with them.

Another huge blessing is that we are in an age of technology. The chance to share live videos allows the ministry to share the hope of Jesus with students, their families, and people in the community. We feel very thankful that we can share with people as they stay safe in their homes.

Please continue to pray with us as we pray for Guatemala and all the countries affected.

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Love Guatemala’s Response to the corona virus

The challenging times we are in with the coronavirus is affecting everyone. Love Guatemala is no exception. Guatemala has a growing number of cases and they are taking extreme precautions to keep it from spreading any further. This is very important in a country that can not even handle normal day illnesses led alone a large amount of people affected by this disease. They have put everything and everyone basically on lock-down. This means that our school is closed and no gatherings allowed.

However, we are still remaining in contact with our staff and students and doing whatever we can to help. We also assigning our students homework so they can continue to learn as much as possible while classes are not in session. We are trying to encourage and love on people during this time. One verse we talked about recently was 2 Timothy 1:7 which says that fear does not come from God. Our response as a ministry is one of faith and love. We are encouraged and we know that the Lord is still working.

We are continuing to love our staff, students and neighbors. We are going to be purchasing some food to hand out to the most vulnerable, especially those connected with our schools. We stay in contact with our staff and students as much as possible encouraging them to stay encouraged and filled with faith during this time.

How can you help?

  • Please continue to pray with us for all affected everywhere. The president here challenged everyone to fast and pray this Saturday.
  • Please continue to support Love Guatemala during this challenging time even though the economy is not good. Our expenses do not change even though our classes are not in session.

Thank you for all your prayers and support!

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Pablo’s Story

We are so happy to be able to see all of the new students that have signed up for cooking this year! Pablo is one of our students this first year.

He is so excited to be able to have the opportunity to study in Love Guatemala. It is quite a sacrifice though for him to be able to attend his classes. He lives in a town about 5 hours from Magdalena. So to be able to study here, he rents a room to stay in the area. It is not easy for him to be so far from his friends and family, but he knows it is worth it to be able to better his future and study something he loves! It is a wonderful thing to see the students display such dedication as they choose to continue their education. We are proud of Pablo and all of our cooking school students! 

Pablo is still in need of a sponsor. If you or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring Pablo, you can click here! You can also watch Pablo’s video about his experience in Love Guatemala here!

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Our Cooking School Stars

We are so excited to be able to highlight cooking school this month! They are a special group of students and we love being able to see them shine in what they love to do! Our goal for this month is to get five students sponsored. We love being able to connect students to sponsors. It is so cool to see how they get to know each other through letters and photos. If you are interested in sponsoring a student, these are some of the students that we are hoping to get sponsored! 

Hilda Esperanza Perez Salami is a dedicated student who loves to bake. Her dream is to become a professional baker and she is pushing herself to study hard to make her children and husband proud!

Jessica Isabel Acajabon Hernandez is so excited for the opportunity to be able to study in the cooking school. A few years ago, her brother got sick so she was not able to continue in her studies. Now her parents have given her the chance to start back up again and she is thrilled. She loves to cook and loves to learn!

Andy Alan Serech Cumes loves being able to be a part of the cooking school. He travels from a place about 5 hours away just so he can study in Love Guatemala! His dream is to become a professional chef and be able to help his family in the future.

Jose Pablo Cortez Matzar loves being able to learn how to cook. He is also from a town far away so he rents a room in Magdalena to be closer to school. He was very grateful to be able to find Love Guatemala and is happy to be able to learn all about cooking and baking! You can see what he has to say about studying in Love Guatemala in the video here!


Evelyn Rosario Martinez Velasquez was very happy to be able to find Love Guatemala. Her family does not have a lot of money and Love Guatemala is a lot more affordable for them. She loves cooking and baking and is hoping to have a future in that. She wants to open her own place one day and be able to give back some of what her parents have given to her.


Sponsoring a student helps them to continue doing what they love and it helps them achieve their goals and dreams. Consider sponsoring a cooking school student today!

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What’s Cookin?

The cooking school is always amazing because they create edible works of art! This year we have 16 cooking school students and they are all extremely talented! In the first year of the program the students learn baking, such as, breads and pastries. The second year focuses on decorating. Their creativity truly shows as they make treats almost too pretty to eat!

In the final year of the program, students have a few extra classes that teach how to sell, how to start projects, and how to be a leader. The reason they take those classes is because the students aren’t just learning as a hobby. They are learning how to improve their lives, and many of them aspire to start their own businesses.We are proud to be able to see the students succeed after they graduate from Love Guatemala. 

Please continue to pray for our students as they learn new techniques in their classes and as they learn from their devotionals! Stay tuned to our Social Media pages to continue to see what the students are creating! 

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New Life Church

New Life Church has been steadily growing since its start in 2018. It started out with just 8 people attending, and this past Wednesday night, the service was so full that the multipurpose area almost did not fit everyone! There were 74 people in attendance.The amount of joy that blessing brings is incomparable. The church is available to anyone who wants to attend and is held in Love Guatemala each Wednesday night. We are so grateful that God has touched the hearts of the people so that they want to attend church here with us every Wednesday. 

Wednesday’s service was especially exiting because it was baptism night. It was such a privilege to watch five people commit their lives to Jesus and what He has for them. Four of the five who got baptized were very young, and it makes us happy to see youth stepping forward as well to commit to God. We are hoping and praying that each time we have baptisms, the number of people continue to grow.

Please continue to pray with us as the church continues to grow. Pray that God would use the services to touch hearts and transform lives. We can’t wait to see what is in store for the church!

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An Afternoon in the Feeding Center

The feeding center is not just a place where the kids come to eat and leave. The feeding center is a place that the kids come to play, receive a big hug (or a few), and learn about how much Jesus loves them. The feeding center is a place where the kids know they are loved.

Last year, and now this year as well, Yeison, our intern from Columbia, has been a big part of the feeding center. He thinks of games each week for the kids to play. They love being able to run around and learn new games! He also leads them in songs about God were they can learn and have fun through singing. We love seeing all their little smiles as they play together, hear stories abut God and eat their lunch together!

Today, they played exciting games. They were taught how they, as children, are special to God. They ate lunch together and they are always grateful with big smiles, but the most important thing we want them to receive is God’s love.


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Valentine’s Day

In Guatemala in February we celebrate the day of love and friendship. Valentine’s Day or “Dia del Cariño” is a celebration with gifts, food, and many more things. In Love Guatemala, we celebrated today! This day was a time to share in each classroom, eat, open gifts and to bring closer together all the students.

Cooking school spent their time cooking their own food to be able to share together. They also exchanged gifts, played games and had a lot of fun. Art School they have started with a soccer game then watched a movie. The morning classes ended with a delicious lunch. 

In the afternoon, the Literacy Program played many games and exchanged their gifts from their “secret friend”. English also exchanged gifts, but instead of games, they were able to spend time watching a movie together.

It was a wonderful time to enjoy this day together and have fun!

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Denilson’s Testimony

This past Saturday, we had a very exciting moment. In the student devotional, one of the student’s accepted Christ! We are so excited when we can witness this and are so excited for this student’s future following God. He told us a little bit about his life and testimony and why he chose to make this important decision in his life. He shared:


My name is Denilson Andres. I am 21 years old.I study in the literacy program. I am learning to read and write. Even though it is hard for me, I know one day I will accomplish it because I have the desire to better myself.

When I was younger, I started to look for love and acceptance in friends, and I ended up destroying my life. I started to use drugs and even to the point of not going home for days. My mom looked for me and would cry because she couldn’t find me. I would ask my mom why she would want an illiterate son that wasn’t good for anything. That is something I would hear a lot from other people and even sometimes now. It was all very difficult for me.

The financial and health problems that my family has faced hasn’t helped either. I work in a field and it has been difficult because I have a hernia. I work because my sister is in a wheelchair and I need to help my family economically. I want to be a help to my family.

As far as my relationship with God goes, I have not had a great relationship with Him before. Saturday, in school they asked if anyone would like a Bible. I felt a knot in my throat, but I felt happy. I felt like someone was giving me a hug and I felt a great peace inside me. Someone told me that Christ loved me. In that moment, I started to feel that I needed God in my heart. So in that moment I raised my hand and asked for my Bible. It has been difficult in the past for and I felt that it was hard  for me to do good, but now I have the desire to have a relationship with God. I know I can have a good relationship with Him and with his help I am able to do big things. My mom said that even if it is when she is 60 years old, she wants to see my graduate and I will do it. But now, my most important goal I have in my life is to have God in my heart.

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In December, we lost someone very special. We lost not only a staff member, but a part of the Love Guatemala family. Patty was such a special part of our family and we will miss her dearly. We are so grateful for the years God allowed her to make an impact on so many lives.

In late October, she was diagnosed with cancer, and less than two months later, Jesus brought her home. We are very sad for this loss, but we celebrate her life and the wonderful person that she was. Patty was such a friendly and loving person and talked to everyone she met. She also wasn’t afraid to share all that Jesus had done in her life. Her life was not always easy, but she always clung to Jesus. She was so full of joy and life and touched the hearts of us all. She was a wonderful mother, wife, teacher, sister, daughter, and friend.

Please join us in praying for her family, for her husband and daughter, but also join us in celebrating the legacy of kindness, love and faith in Jesus Christ that she showed to us all, and that she is now in the arms of our Savior.

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