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Mother’s Day Cards

This month we will have our Mother’s Day celebration. Our party will be this May 7. We are very grateful to God because He has given us the financial resources to have an afternoon of celebration with food prizes and many surprises! All the classes are preparing a special gift for their dear mothers. We are holding a card contest and the best card will have an award for its effort. It is difficult to reward the best because all the students have surprised us with their creativity. Each classroom will have a first place, but we also are having to have a second place because the students did a wonderful job. It is a great blessing to see the love that students have for their family, because they are showing it in their effort working on a sweet gift.

The main Bible to base the cards on is Exodus 20:12, and the students worked hard and thought a lot about that verse. That is great blessing for us.


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Business Training


This year we have 30 seniors. They all belong to different schools of Love Guatemala. Primary School, English, Carpentry, Kitchen and Art school. It is a great blessing for us to have this graduating class promotion. We want them to prepare for a better life. Carlos is preparing them with business training, so that they lose their fear and shyness. He also shows them how to make a work plan. He is doing different activities where they are exhibiting their ideas. This 29th and 31st of May, students will have their first sales exhibition. They are already working on their projects. Carlos shows them different sales techniques and is preparing them so that they can make a good presentation. We are very excited for the upcoming exhibition and to see the students’ sales presentations!


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Activity Day 2019

We recently had our annual activity day here for Love Guatemala. It was a great day full of fun and competition. There was an 8K race as well as soccer tournaments for men and women.

The race was first and there were quite a few people who signed up to run. The night before, the Love Guatemala staff got everything ready which included painting the streets for the path for the runners. It was a lot of hard work, but it was worth the work to see all the runners who participated and had a great time!

All of the activities were held in the nearby town of Buena Vista. There, we had two soccer fields available for us to use. In the larger field, the mens teams held their tournament which consisted of six different teams. Some of the teams included Love Guatemala staff, the cooking school, and a few outside teams that signed up. The women had their tournament on the smaller field, except for the championship which was on the large field. The women’s English team went on to the championship and had a very close game. 

There was also food available to buy to raise money for the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration. There was everything from fruit, to grilled meat, to slashes. The food sold well and tasted delicious.

All in all it was great to have everyone work together and have fun in their games and races!

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We have started construction on the ground! God is Great and Powerful. God hears our prayers. He has allowed the economic provision for the first part of the project that will be a great blessing for the students, staff and the whole family of Love Guatemala. We are very excited and happy because our school is growing for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The students are watching the construction and they already are imagining  different things there. Thank God there are a lot of emotions and everyone is very happy.

A couple weeks ago we had our devotional in the area of ​​construction. We prayed and it was a great blessing to start the construction project in the name of God. Please continue to pray for Love Guatemala as the construction continues!

The first part of the project is to enclose the property and provide more parking and a small area for the students to enjoy recreation. We hope to finish this first phase in the next few months. The second phase will be to build a multi-purpose facility for sports and large events we host such as graduations, gala and other large activities. This expansion is necessary because our current multi-purpose area is not large enough anymore.

Please pray for the financial provision of all these phases!

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Indy Metro Church

This last week we had the privilege of having a team from Indy Metro Church here. We had Pastor Ben’s brother here and he brought along 4 boys that are on the ministry basketball team. It was a very full week, with building projects, time in English class,  church service, visiting families, and more. They did such an awesome job with all the projects they worked on!

At the beginning of the trip they worked on making canvases for our art school here. They worked hard cutting all the wood for the frames, assembling them and adding the cloth to each frame. Then they painted them and had them all ready for the art school. They were able to make about 75 canvases in just a couple days!

They also worked on making bunk beds for families who are in need. They worked to cut all the pieces, sand them down, assemble them, and stain them. It was quite a bit of work for a group of 5, but the bunk beds turned out great and the two families that they visited and delivered the bunk beds to, were so grateful.

They were able to visit some of the families of the students and deliver them packages of food. Even though there was a language barrier, they had a great time being able to visit and connect with the families.

Another cool thing that the team was able to do, was go on a hike up to the “prayer mountain”. There, the team, along with some people that attend the church here, were able to sing worship songs together, listen to a short message, and have some time each alone with the Lord. 

We are very grateful for the opportunity we had to work with them for that week. It was a great blessing and we are excited for the next time we will be able to work with them again!

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30 in 3 Sponsorship Campaign

At the beginning of the month we started a campaign. We are looking for 30 new sponsors for our many new students. You can go to this page and check out all the students that are still looking for sponsors. A big part of our sponsorship program is that it helps support Love Guatemala financially. But another big piece is the life transformation we see take place as sponsors from the states, pray, give and support a student.

Here is one such story:

Here a few students who need sponsored:

Go here to check out their stories and consider coming alongside them!

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Gala Night

A couple weeks ago, we had our annual Gala Night Dinner to raise money for Love Guatemala. We had a great turnout with some fun activities. There was a band that played live music to entertain all of the guests. They played wonderfully and even had a song dedication be one of the prizes in the raffle. The raffle had a lot of great prizes, including vases and other decorations, coffee pots, and baked goods from our cooking school. 

Before dinner, Carlos told us a bit about the history of Love Guatemala and how it all came to be. Then, Pastor Ben gave a message to share the gospel with the students, the students’ families, and everyone who attended. The dinner was fantastic and served by students from our own cooking school. Everyone did a great job working together to serve all of the guests. After dinner, the cooking school sold cake as dessert.

There was also other items for sale as well. There were paintings of all different styles from the art school. There were also furniture and decorations brought by the carpentry school. It was fun to see all of the different things that the students brought to sell to everyone who attended.

It was a great evening and it was wonderful to see all of the students and staff working together to make the night possible. We are so grateful to be able to have a special night like that! 

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Exam Week

Last week, all of the classrooms were in exams. It was very interesting to see the students concentrated and giving the best of themselves. Some rooms had presentations where each student presented their work according to their creativity. Each classroom is different. That makes them have a variety of activities to perform for the exams.

The first-year cooking students prepared some very good pastries and desserts that were graded not only on the appearance, but also taste. They decided to sell their desserts and the staff did not miss that opportunity. The desserts were both beautiful and tasty!


The elementary students took their exams in math, science and everything else that they are learning. They also work with plastic arts where they had a lot of fun because it was something different, fun, and creative.



The senior English students helped the teachers with the supervision of the freshmen exams. They were observing and supporting their classmates, each one was given responsibilities that were very well done. The younger students gave presentations and also presented plays. They all did a great job!

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Naomi Baumann

My name is Naomi Baumann and I am beginning my role here at Love Guatemala as a missionary resident. I want to introduce myself through this blog. I am from Bourbonnais, Illinois and I graduated from nursing school in 2017. Shortly after that, I moved to Guatemala to be a missionary. I did an internship with Love Guatemala in 2018 and after, began working as a nurse in a hospital about three hours away. After a lot of prayer, I decided to return to Love Guatemala to serve.

I have a few different roles here to help Love Guatemala fulfill their vision of giving hope to Guatemalans through the gospel of Jesus Christ and vocational training. I am supporting administration a few days a week to translate, work with sponsorship things, and do other administrative work. I also work with the English classes a few afternoons a week. That way, they can practice their conversation skills.

I also work with the clinic and feeding center alongside our Lesbia and Olga. Right now, in the clinic, the goal is to teach and help the patients to learn about different conditions they might have such as diabetes. There are also classes on healthy pregnancy and what to expect. And above all else, we are trying to help the patients grow in their faith by praying with them and sharing the gospel with them when they visit.

In the feeding center, I weigh and measure height for all of the kids that come. That way we can see how they are growing as they are receiving their meals. With that, I would also like to think of other ways the kids can grow, gain weight, and be healthy.  Very soon we will start a discipleship program with the moms who accompany their kids. While the kids are receiving their Bible story, we can have a time for the moms to help them learn and grow in their faith. We are very happy and anxious to start that new plan!

I am very excited about the chance to work here in Love Guatemala and am happy at the chance to start new things here! Thanks for your prayers and support in this new journey.


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Life Change: Andrea’s Story

Check out a recent update from Andrea to her Sponsor and how the Lord has and is changing her life! This happens when people sponsor and come alongside someone to bring hope and change!

“I am very happy because I finished my primary school. Now I am in third year of middle school. Thanks to you, that is very happy for me. I have a lot to thank Love Guatemala, because when I came to study here I was very shy and it was very difficult to talk to people, but you helped me a lot. I have received training, and Bible studies, and now I can speak in front of the public, and I am no longer shy. I am no longer afraid of people.

This year I’m going to turn 18 and I’m nervous because I’m going to be an adult. But I’m also excited. I ask you to pray for the health of my mother she is a little sick, also pray for my spiritual life because I want to be closer to God.

Thank you for helping me to continue my studies, thank you very much.”



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