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10 days of Prayer!

This next Monday we will be beginning 10 days of prayer. We are asking each of our staff members as well as the members of New Life Church to pray with us. We want each person to pray for one specific personal prayer request and set aside some time each day to pray. Some of our team will be praying at 6am each day during these 10 days.

Will you consider joining us in prayer? Mark 11:22-25 says this, “Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. “Truly I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

Let’s pray together and believe God for big things in our lives during this time. Here are some specific ways you can pray:

  • Continued gospel transformation in our staff and students.
  • Wisdom for the leadership and board of Love Guatemala.
  • Practicas/Internships that the graduates s are starting this week.
  • Graduation in October and all the students graduating.
  • Operational Funds needed for Love Guatemala.
  • The rest of the funds need for the expansion project.

Thanks for praying with us!

Love Guatemala Team

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Sports Morning

This past July 19th, the students were invited to another school for a sports morning. Love Guatemala had one team of men and one of women, and both of which played soccer. They had fun and had the opportunity to share with other schools. The students suprised us with their attitude and everyone behaved in the best way. We prayed before starting the activity and the students put themselves in an attitude of prayer. At the end of the activity, the girls of Love Guatemala won second place of girls soccer. The boys won first place, and we also won the first place of athletics. We are very proud of our students here at Love Guatemala, not only for seeing them win, but for the behavior they showed. God is making change in the lives of students, to Him be the glory.

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Piedmont Church 2019


This past week has been a blessing to everyone. We are thankful to God that Piedmont was able to be here to share and spend time with the students, staff, and community. 

This week they were able to do many things. They spent an afternoon playing soccer with some of our students. They also worked with the  people who needed medical help by doing a medical clinic one of the days they were here. About 60 people were blessed with medical treatment and medicines that will help them feel better.

The team was able to participate in the students final project activity. They were able to see how much the students have worked and improved in all that they have learned. The team received a wonderful meal prepared by the cooking school and served by students from the art, carpentry, and cooking school, and everything translated by English school students. We are very proud of the students and very happy that the team could participate.

Another thing they were able to do is build a house and a chicken coop for a single mother. They did a great job working together and the mom and her two children are very grateful to have the help. The house turned out beautiful and will be a huge help to the family for years to come.

Pastor Jerry and his team are a big blessing to the Love Guatemala family. Every time they visit us they always bring blessings to share. It is a great blessing to have the support of Piedmont church. We are very thankful to them for leaving their country, their families, their activities, leaving everything and coming to Guatemala to give us their time. God bless you.


You can check out the team video here! :

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Students’ Final Project

Last week the students that will be graduating this year worked on their final project. They all did such a great job! 

The students from the cooking school cooked and presented a wonderful three course meal to the people they invited, the staff, and the team from Piedmont Church in Georgia. There were two teams who each had different recipes to prepare. They each prepared a soup, a main course, and a dessert. Everyone enjoyed their meal and were very impressed by the quality of the food as well as the professionalism that the students showed.

We also had two students from art, carpentry, and English who participated in the event. Our carpentry student helped serve food as well as made beautiful trays that were used to serve food. Our art student also helped prepare the tables and serve food. And our English students helped to translate for the team that was there. 

We are so happy to see the progress that the students have made and are very proud of all the hard work that they put into their final projects! 

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New Materials

We are so grateful that with the help of New City Church in Macon, Georgia, we were able to buy a lot of useful materials for all the different areas of Love Guatemala!

We were able to purchase things for each of the schools, the office, and for housekeeping. The teachers were able to receive materials that will help their students in their education! Each thing will help the teachers and staff in all that they do here. We are so grateful and feel very blessed to be given these wonderful gifts! Thank you so much New City Church!


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Macon Georgia Team 2019

This past week we were able to have a team from Macon Georgia here with us. They were able to do many things while they were here and we are so thankful of all their help and support.

They had a morning full of soccer games that the team was able to get in on. They were also able to visit quite a few families in the area. That included some of the families of the children from the feeding center. It was great to see them talk to and pray for the families. It was as much a blessing for the families as it was for them. They had a great time seeing the kids while they volunteered in the feeding center. They were able to play with toys and break a piñata. They loved spending time with all the kids.

Later in the week they were able to build a chicken coop for one of the families in the area. The family was so grateful for that way to gain income. They were also able to paint a mural for one of the walls in Love Guatemala. It showed a beautiful way to share the gospel.

Another awesome thing they got to do was teach in the art and literacy programs. They taught how to make bracelets that show our lives and the gospel using different colored beads!

We couldn’t be more happy with having this team here for that week and we are excited for when they are able to come back again!

Check out more of what the group did on their week here by watching their video here!

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Day of Prayer and Fasting


How beautiful to start the day in communication with God. This Tuesday, June 11, 2019, the staff of Love Guatemala had the privilege of thanking God for the New Construction. We had a time of prayer and fasting to thank God and also to ask Him for an economic provision to continue with the job. God is faithful, great, and powerful. He has shown us his love and power in different occasions. We have no doubt that God listens to us and that He will give us what we ask. God will give us everything in his time.

We are very happy and excited about the new constriction. We already imagine everything that will be in that place, but the most important thing, is to praise the name of God because we know that all the glory is for Him.

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Exam Week

This week the classrooms are doing their exams from the second unit. Some students are very nervous, but other students are very confident that it will be easy. That is because they prepared and studied to have good grades.

It’s amazing how time passes. Thank God we are seeing the students’ progress! We can see it because each time they turn in their work, it is better. Now in the exams they are working alone. The teacher only observes them. Each classroom has different activities, but each teacher performs new techniques so that the student have a good learning experience.

Thanks to God, the children are excited to know that they will be able to work alone, because there they will be able to demonstrate their capacity and their creativity.

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Next Steps for Expansion Project

As many have already seen we are in the midst of a construction project. We are building to expand our facilities to provide more opportunities for growth and life impact. Our focus right now is in the multi-purpose facility where we can hold larger activities for Love Guatemala and also host sports events and ministries. This will also open up more space inside the current facility for growth.

Here are some more pics of the property:

We are almost finished with the walls, but we are in need of about $30,000 more to finish the floor and roof of the multi-purpose space. Our goal is to accomplish this before our graduation in October. Please pray for this with us for these funds!

Thanks for your prayers and support!


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Virginia Team 2019

This past week we had the joy of having a team from Virginia here. It was led by Kim Page and it was a mother daughter team. We had a great time having them here and they were able to experience many things.

They taught a couple art classes to the art student and the students had a lot of fun learning new painting techniques. They were also able to build bunk beds and deliver them to two families. The team had a great time doing that because they loved seeing the smiling faces of the children who received their new beds. Along with that they visited and delivered food that they packaged to families who needed it. They had such a nice time visiting the families and being able to spend time with them.

They also helped out some of our students who had activities to help them prepare for after they graduate. The students made and served food and the English students translated for the team. Then the team was able to give them ideas on what they did well and things they could improve on.

On their last day here they hiked up to the prayer mountain. There, they heard a devotional, had a time of worship, and had a time of prayer. It was a beautiful time!

We are so grateful for the time they were able to be here and their willingness to serve Guatemala. We hope to see them again soon.


You can check out the team’s video and see a preview of what they did this past week here!       

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